Medium Business

For us that's any business from £1Million to £5Million turnover

We regularly add enormous value to medium size businesses. At this level you will often have taken on a financial controller, be it full or part time (and we can help recruit one if you need one, as we know exactly what to ask) but you may not have a finance director. We can sit on in board meetings and help with the direction of the business, as well as the company’s tax efficiency. We can take over specific projects for you like changing banks, factoring or invoice discounting to ensure you get the outcome you want.

Virtually all medium size businesses already have an accountant and some have had a few! What we would like to show you is that all accountants are not born equal.

There is a reluctance to change accountants, we understand that. We have been told people are more likely get divorced that change their accountant, and that is really scary. We have a seamless process that is easy to follow, that allows everything to be smoothly transferred. If your existing accountant is a chartered accountant, of which we are, we are effectively members of a club (albeit a club with some exams to gain entry). As club members we treat each other in a particular way, which includes the transfer over of information.

For medium size businesses it is important to know...

  • Fresh Pair of Eyes. It is often the case that a fresh pair of eyes can open up new opportunities and ideas and one of our free consultations where we are happy to come and visit you is an excellent way for you to establish just how we compare to your present accountant;
  • Tax Strategies. There are more tax strategies available to medium size businesses and we can assist you in ensuring your tax bills are kept to an absolute minimum;
  • Business Growth. Whether you are a long established business or relatively young looking for high growth, we can help with a wide range of business services from outsourcing your accounting function to complete business strategy services;
  • Value. Costs are also important for medium size businesses, but value is more important. In one client we act for, our fees were about seven times what the company was originally paying, an increase from £900 to £6,500, while their yearly tax liability fell by £16,000. We have so many examples of helping clients save copious amounts of tax.

Let’s meet up, no obligation whatsoever, and see if we can help.

If you'd like any or all of the following please talk to us...

  • Fixed competitive fees;
  • Unlimited phone support;
  • A free tax review (which will be more lateral than just suggesting a switch from salary to dividends;
  • Audit work;
  • Work on time, every time;
  • To make more profit;
  • To pay less tax;
  • Someone to sort all your paperwork;
  • An accountant who speaks plain English.

We aim to help you Make More, Keep More, Work Less

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